Peace of Mind

Experiment with brave new features with a confidence. Even if you break something you can always start over.

Design Sites

Design a new site for a client or for your business. No need to buy domain or hosting until the site is ready to go live.

Try new Plugins and Themes

Quickly install multiple plugins and themes from the control panel and also using our Chrome browser extension.

File Cabinet (Video 3min)

qSandbox FileCabinet is a shared folder among all your test sites. You can quickly install themes and plugins from. Video (3min)

Theme and Plugin Management

Install, uninstall, deactivate, activate with a single click

FTP Access

Create an FTP account for your test sites quickly.

E-mail Catcher

It saves all outgoing emails so you can inspect them for typos or do troubleshooting. Your clients will *never* receive test emails.

Import your WordPress Site

qSandbox can import your existing WordPress site. You only need to package it with Duplicator plugin. Video 1 (2min) | Video 2 (2min)

Faster Development

Create a site that you can use as a template. You can later clone it within seconds for your next project.