Last week we started working on a free tool called which allows you to migrate a WordPress site to anther host easily & quickly.

Why use such service?

There are many ways to do a migration and the migration steps are usually the following.

  1. Package the site
  2. Download it on your local computer
  3. Upload it to the remote server
  4. Configuring the site
  5. Test

WPMove will help you with the most time consuming steps which are downloading and uploading the files to the remote server. With such service you don’t have to download the files on your computer first.
The service will upload the files to the new server. By doing this the transfer will happen very quickly because servers have better connectivity.

How it works?

The tool will allow you to download a file from your server and upload it to a remote server.

Normally, in order to transfer an existing site you have to package the site, download it on your computer and then upload it to the remote server. helps you with the transfer section because it’s the most time consuming one.

There are browser addons in the works which should help you even configure the site even without switching your DNS servers! How is this possible? White magic 😉


Why did we start working on this project?

We’ve gathered lots of experience while working on qSandbox and wanted to share it with the WordPress community via yet another free tool. With every product we learn new things and this project will be no different.


Will it be free & How will it get funded?

Yes. It will be free. The initial development will be funded by Orbisius & qSandbox. There are plans to include some sort of monetization and we’re open to ideas & suggestions.

So go to and join the email list.





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