Hey awesome qSandbox user,

We are super happy to announce some cool improvements to the qSandbox platform.

If you’re like videos here’s a 2min video explaining what has improved.


What’s new?

  1. The most important one is the Git deployment. In short it allows developers and designers to sync their work automatically on a staging site. Why is it important? Because it will save you lots of time if you use git (if you don’t you should!).
  2. We have launched a tool that pulls support requests of all plugins from the official WordPress repository for one or more accounts. If you have many plugins in the WP repo this will save you lots of time because you’ll have to check only one page.
  3. Quickly filter sites in the qSandbox dashboard
  4. We’ve simplified the login and sign up pages
  5. Security improvements
  6. We’ve moved to a self hosted blog by WordPress.
  7. … and last but not least we’ve upgraded our server. Do you find qSandbox faster now?
    We’ve tried 5 providers and it didn’t work. We were picky because we wanted you to be able to do things faster 🙂

As always we’re cooking something interesting stay tuned for cool future updates.



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