When I was doing some tests on the new servers that will be running the code for WPMove.org – free WordPress migration service some weird error messages started showing up:

Ubuntu Error: I have no name!@

sudo: unable to stat /etc/sudoers: Permission denied
sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting
sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin

bash: /etc/bash.bashrc: Permission denied

This was interesting and annoying at the same time. I have using linux for a long time and haven’t seen this message. Actually, I did some restoring but then thought that something may have been broken or not good with the OS so I reinstalled the operation system (Ubuntu).

It turned out that some piece of code creates folders if they don’t exist but set’s permissions to 0770.

The server configurator has modified the /etc folder’s permissions to 0770 and this blocks access to /etc/passwd , /etc/sudoers and many more.



chmod 0755 /etc



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