If you have followed the steps in the How to Generate a Free SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt article this is the next logical step.

To renew an SSL from issued by Let’s Encrypt you need to schedule a task that runs regularly.

This can be achieved using Linux’ cron service.

Login as root and type

crontab -e


An editor will pop up and you can pick Pico or other editor.

If VIM editor options up press G (it’s the capital letter) and then o

This will switch the editor to edit mode. Paste the following line.

It should run every day at 3:15am. If the SSL certificate end up being renewed the apache webserver’s configuration will be reloaded.

After you’re done you can press ZZ to exit from VIM editor.


# run every day at 3:15am
15 3 * * * /opt/letsencrypt/certbot-auto renew –quiet –post-hook ‘service apache2 reload’


This renewal process will attempt to renew all certificates that are due for renewal.





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