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Author: sandbox

How to Move your WordPress Multisite to Another Domain Checklist

Here are the steps. Existing site Export db Package the files New server Set up site Create new database Copy files from old to new server Unzip the files Import the database Update wp-config.php Change db settings to use the new server’s database change DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE to use the new site. Test the site If all is good and the client has tested the site set up redirects from old site => new site...

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How WordPress Designers Should Call Plugin Functions from Their Template Files

As I was working on some functionality for a cool client project the client created a ticket which stated that the checkout page was broken. Hmm, my code is supposed to be rock solid at least 99% of the time. This percentage drops a little during the development and that’s normal because I have to break things to make room for the new. I’ve inspected the page’s source code and noticed that the page’s content was partially delivered. It was bad but not extremely bad. The experience tells me that in such cases when the content is partially delivered...

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How To Grant WordPress Editors Access to MailPoet’s Settings and Other Features

MailPoet is a cool plugin that allows you to send emails. According to the docs only admins are allowed to access the plugin’s settings and that makes sense because admin knows what he’s doing where other users may could abuse the system by sending spam messages. Editors are only allowed to create and send emails. TLDR; There’s a download link at the end of the post. Video If you want to allow other users (or roles) to access the MailPoet’s settings  and other features you need to install Members plugin [ ] which should help you with that....

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5 Reasons Why to Create a WordPress Staging Site

You’ve heard many people recommending creating a WordPress staging site, but you are still not sure what it means and how you can use it to make your website better? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then keep reading to find out what the mainbenefits of using a site for testingare. Imagine the staging site as the safe zone where you can test and even experiment everything about your site – from changes in appearance, to combinations of plugins, implementing of new code and etc. It is an exact clone of the original site where the errors and bugs won’t...

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